Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sherlock His Last Vow Review

It's been a turbulent three weeks for Sherlock. His whole life has been turned upside down after his return from his apparent death. With the loss of his flat mate, the introduction of a wonderful new person to his inner circle(Mary) and the fallout of Moriarty there ha been many difficulties for Sherlock. However there has been nothing more turbulent and terrible than fan reaction to each and every episode that has been released these last few weeks. With fans having mixed opinions to the third season ranging from absolute love to claims of shark jumping this season has been the most unusual. With that we go into the season finale of Sherlock with the long awaited introduction of Charles Augustus Magnussen, the ultimate douche. Just to let you know now this is a spoiler free review, I hope you enjoy.

It's been a month now since the wedding and Sherlock and Watson haven't seen each other since then. In a series of unbelievable events they meet up again. Sherlock explains that he is on to his hardest and most dangerous case to date and he hopes that Watson will join him and because Watson is getting restless he jumps on the opportunity. They come face to face with Magnussen and within five minutes of meeting him both they and the audience want to take him down. With every episode there is the twists and turns but with this I found the twists just mind boggling. Between the villainous turns of Magnussen who just oozes disgust and evil, the wonderful scenes between Mary, Watson and Sherlock that show how Sherlock clearly loves and respects these two people and that is one of the most genuine and touching parts of this episode and the season as a whole. 

There are some genuine what the fuck moments in this episode that are just pure Moffat and that can be good and bad. For the most part it is fantastic but then it starts to get a bit laboured. In particular the moment at the end. When I saw it all I could think is one thing, this could be a Doctor Who plot, some of the dialogue is even reminiscent of an episode of Doctor Who. I won't lie I was torn between wow they just did that to wow, did they just do that?

With an unusual ending with twist upon twist upon shenanigan, great dialogue and wonderful character moments this was a great way to end the season just wish they didn't pull some stuff from Doctor Who to forward their series. Also stay after the credits, it's freaky.

Rating; 3.5/5

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