Monday, 6 May 2013

A bird, a giant and a boy.

'The  Iron Giant' review.
Very  cool.
Director: Brad Bird
Starring: Eli Marienthal
Jennifer Aniston 
Vin Diesel
Harry Connick, Jr.

A week ago I ordered 'The Iron Giant' from Amazon, two days ago I  received it and all the memories from my first experience of this  film came flooding back to  me. Every little joke, every little reference,  was just pure magic. I couldn't wait to watch it,and I made sure to have the suitable  conditions met while watching this  film, so I  got a brand new 42 inch television and I  made sure to  watch it with someone who  had never seen it before(I know know, what kind of person hasn't watched this by now?). With all my conditions met we sat down and let the film begin.

Hey...What's up?
I'm conflicted, because I  want you guys to  understand the brilliance of  this  film but  at the same time I don't want  to  spoil anything for you, so here goes, I'll try and keep everything to a minimum. 
It's the 1950's, the Space race is  in full swing and a giant robot falls to  Earth, and a boy who needs a friend finds a friend. There that's all you need.

Just talking about  stuff, lad stuff.
Where to begin, let's work up.The animation is superb,charming and picturesque. The style of the animation really  showcases the style of the  era. There is a warmth to the whole film which  is just wonderful and welcoming. The plot is just fantastic, it has giant robots, armies and the space race but at its core it is about  being true to yourself, not how society dictates who you are. It's all about your actions and how they decide who  you are. It is a fantastic message that isn't pushed into your face but  isn't shied away from either. The charm of 'Hogarth Hughes' is really great, he is a kid  a little ahead of  his time in my  opinion. He is a lot  smarter than most of his peers and elders. Then there is the Giant himself played with an amazing  innocence and vulnerability by Vin Diesel. This  is probably Vin Diesels best role  that didn't involve him and a bunch of aliens fighting on a "pitch black" planet. See what I did  there.....anyway. The Giant is fantastic, just so much  fun and interesting.

Even with this  film there are one or  two  imperfections that  come with it.These imperfections simply just come from aging and the fact  that  this film is thirteen years old. The voice acting quality is good, but  not great, but  once again  it is really just down to the passage of time. 

Na na na naaa!!!!
This film should  have been a timeless classic, instead it has been relegated to cult classic, nothing wrong with  that, nothing at all but the ugly is simply this, Watch.This.Film.

'Superman', it's always 'Superman'.

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