Thursday, 30 May 2013

'How I Finally Became A Film Reviewer'.

Well today was a  big  day for me. To  tell  you the story of how I got here I'll have to go  back a couple of weeks.

It was early May and I was reviewing a couple  films and I was  doing the  rounds on Twitter, Facebook and my Blog, sending out my reviews  to be reviewed by  film review sites. I  was hoping to get some outside opinions that would help me get a fresh perspective on my work. Then an administrator got  in touch, explained that he was impressed with my review style and hoped that I  would contribute to his website 'Movie Marker'. After a little deliberation I  sent out him out some more reviews to cement my place with the people at 'Movie Marker'. 

There was  a great back and forth between myself and the admin. I  imagine this  is what it's like to work as a reviewer, it's fun. There were requests and ideas and I even got to go through the process of inquiring about a press screening. I'v been added to  databases in Ireland with various film companies, it was  really something, but the most wonderful and fantastic thing happened today when I went to the 'Movie  Marker' website.

My review had been published...I am ecstatic, follow the link below