Thursday, 7 November 2013

Gravity: Film Review

Off the bat I want you to know this. I found the whole premise of this film laughable. Not a single moment in the numerous trailers interested me. When I saw the trailers I always laughed, I always thought, you win again Gravity. God bless vintage Simpsons. Then there was the even worse scenario that popped into my head. This is the unofficial spin-off to Man of Steel. The reason all this crap happened to Sandra Bullocks character is because of all the debris from the Wayne satellite Zod and Superman destroyed and when you have that image in your head you will never take this film seriously. It also doesn't help when the whole audience you  are with seems to be in the same mindset as you.


Dr. Ryan Stone(Sandra Bullock) is on her first  mission into space. She is doing a routine check on the Hubble Telescope with flight engineer Shariff Dasari(Paul Sharma) and veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski( George Clooney). After only six months of training Ryan is a overwhelmed by the scope of her mission and Matt  decides to calm her down with one of his famous stories. This  begins to work until  the untimely news that a Russian satellite has broken apart and the debris is on course to collide with the telescope and more importantly, the team. When this happens, shit hits the fan.


Visually this film is absolutely stunning. Everything is scaled up to eleven. You feel the beauty and the emptiness of space far more convincingly then most films out there. The scenes are well set up and the cinematography is superb. It does( some times) hit the emotional points you want it to hit and the action was fantastic. You felt the rush and the adrenaline pumping through Sandra Bullock as if you were there.


There are a ton of cliches in this film, the emotionally  distant protagonist who has a tragic past, the veteran who has one more day before retirement and the throw-away supporting cast (who you know will be the first casualty), that's right everybody it's Lethal Weapon in space without the snappy dialogue and Danny Glover wit. There are so many speeches as well which just began to grate on me as the film went on. George Clooney gives the greatest George Clooney performance as he is clearly playing himself. It just came off as douchey and Sandra Bullock is annoying as she tries to be this generations Ellen Ripley, there is even a scene which seems to be an homage to the character of Ripley. The cheese is this feature is so high that it completely clogs up all the gears, making sure that this film doesn't move along smoothly.


This is not a bad film, do I understand why its become so popular? Yes. Do I think it deserves all this praise? No. At the end of the day though this is just my opinion, go out and enjoy whatever film you want to see and if you do like it, tell me why. Comment below and let's start a debate.


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