Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New 52 Introduction; Batman

Here is a much needed explanation to The New 52 for all you people who are thinking, Do I really need to start again with the DC universe? I mean didn't they just revamp the whole universe a couple years ago. Well you'd be right but I will tell you right now that it's on a whole new scale with a much higher level of quality(for the most part, but we'll get to that that part later). With this post I'd hope to show people why they should get into the New 52.

In particular I will speak on the subject of....The Batman, The main title, which is written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo. It is without a doubt the strongest title in the New 52(Next to Action Comics obviously). Never has there been such urgency in the Bat universe, you actually feel like Batman could lose. It's not that he's written with less boldness, no no, it's simply because the stakes have never been higher and the enemies have never been deadlier. By the end of the first arc you will never look at owls the same way again. The fact that Scott Snyder has made owls threatening has a profound effect on me, well not really but still he made everything to do with these creatures haunting. What was really astounding was the fact that it had such a powerful effect on Bruce, he was visibly shaken and what will always stay with me is the issue where he actually freaks out. Scott Snyder wrote a story where Batman freaks out!? if that doesn't interest then the second part of my introduction will surely entice you further.

Just outstanding, this is one of a collection of moments which will stay with you.

Now when I say Batman you say what.....I hope it was Joker because I'm bringing him into the fold. Now if it was unknown to you the Joker has been missing for just over a year in the DC universe. In the early issues of one of the other Batman titles Joker had his face removed and then left Gotham for parts unknown. A year later and he's back, the obvious plot-line would be that Batman is still nursing wounds from his battle with the court and he's in no shape to take on the Joker. Instead Bruce is at full health again, with a renewed sense of purpose after his encounter with the court and then Joker arrives. I've never read a comic, especially a DC comic, where I have been as disturbed and freaked out by the introductory issue of a villain. Jokers conversation with Gordon is absolutely terrifying and when you read Gordon's explanation of what Joker did to his men you will shiver. I guarantee it. With the artwork Greg Capullo has given Batman and the people of Gotham a refreshing burst of life. He knows how to showcase bombastic action panels and then compliment them with intimate panels between characters which seem to be just as wonderful and full of life. Greg's character designs are fantastic and at times jarring, especially the Joker, when he returns you'll feel the pain, anger and horror that he plans to shower upon Batman and his family. They don't call this arc 'Death of the Family' for nothing, and with Scott Snyder at the helm you really can believe that Batman's world is going to fall apart.

He's back and if he's going to hell he's taking Batman's family with him.

I hope that after reading this, whoever you are out there, you want to delve right into the New 52 Batman. Now that 'Night of the Owls' is in TPB and HC  it's easy to join the Dark Knight on his crusade from an excellent jump-off point. In the end don't worry about continuity, it's been worked out and will be explained nicely in various conversations throughout 'Batman'. This is a new part of the Batman mythos and an excellent contribution. Please comment your thoughts and views. Thanks.