Friday, 7 December 2012

The Hobbit; An Unexpected Interview.

My first official interview as a journalist, and it's with a

Well for the past few months I've been going on and on about 'The Hobbit' and how it's going to be fantastic and how it would be amazing to be apart of it in some small way, maybe win a competition and get to the Irish premiere. Well two weeks ago I was given valuable info about the film by a friend of mine at Spin. He helped me take the first step to beginning my journalistic career. 

Now after some networking and back and forth e-mails I finally got the great news today.
I will be interviewing Aidan Turner of 'Being Human' fame. Homegrown talent coming home to speak on the amazing film franchise he is now a part of.

Not only will I be interviewing Turner but I will also be seeing the film, with my girlfriend Brid, in the new IMAX cinema screen in Cineworld. Now for those of you who know me, know for a fact that I win a lot of competitions to get to these kind of events. I will tell you right now I did this as a professional not a simple giddy fanboy looking to see the new big film. I am going to this premiere as a journalist and on Sunday night I will report back to you all on how it went and the interview will be posted on my blog. If any of you would like to suggest some questions you'd like to ask Aidan Turner, follow me and tell me then and i'll try my best.