Tuesday, 11 December 2012

'The Man of Steel'. A journey through cinema

'The Man of Steel'.

What can honestly be done to showcase Superman in a new light, honestly it's all been done before. Turn him evil-done, Make him darker and edgier-done, make him black-done, make him British-done.....That last one was an odd iteration. It's been so many years since there has been a Superman film which wowed the world over. It's been close to 4 decades, we've had 5 Superman films in that time. The first 4 were with the great Christopher Reeve, the last was with the newcomer Brandon Routh. Only 2 were considered successes. There was 'Smallville', but that only teased at the possibility of Superman. We only had a glimpse of him in the ol' red and blue in the end.

Why is it that Batman can go 5 decades in the film business, have 8 films and only have 3 bad ones. On average, Batman is coming up tops. I'm not dissing the man from Gotham, I just wish that Superman was treated with the same respect and dignity. I mean a super villain who gets weak by being in shade.....c'mon guys seriously and that douche from 'Two and a Half Men' as Lex's nephew....pathetic. If you read my earlier post abot 'The Man of Steel' vs 'Superman Returns' you know how I feel on the subject of Bryan Singers "love story with Superman in it", so we come to it, a film that we, the fans have pleaded with Warner Bros. for 3 decades to make. 

After what seemed like an age I heard news about a new film. 'The Dark Knight Rises' was coming and when it was finished, Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer were immediately onto another film project with Zack Snyder attached to direct. The film was wonderfully titled 'The Man of Steel'. To the laymen this title meant little, but to us, the fans, the followers, it was a ray of sunshine( yes I made a pun, I like it). With this title we were shown that the people behind this film knew who he is, knew what he represents. 

This brings us to the next stage, the dual teaser trailer, Jor-El( Russell Crowe) and Jonathan Kent( Kevin Costner) each give their son fatherly advice albeit in very different ways. The trailers are available here at your convenience;


They're both wonderful trailers, yes the visuals are identical but with the audio the 2 trailers become completely different entities. Each on 2 sides of the spectrum when it comes to raising your child. Nature and  nurture, who knows best? who does a man listen to? His long dead father who he reveres but has never actually faced him or the man who has raised him, taught him the values he holds dear to his heart yet can never understand the loneliness of walking through a world made of glass, that could shatter at a single misstep. 

After months of waiting for the next trailer I found out that it would be shown before 'The Hobbit', which meant that when I went to see 'The Hobbit' I'd be happy twice over. Then, today, the 11th of the 12th, 2012 I was shown something that made me proud that I've never given up on Superman. I saw a glimpse at what I can only describe as the possible beginning of an epic journey told through one of the greatest mediums available to our generation. I saw a man, not only fly but soar back to relevance in the worlds eyes.This is a film that could finally show everyone what I've been trying to tell everyone. A film that will hopefully have both heart and intensity in equal measures. Hope you enjoyed reading as much I enjoyed writing. 
Here are a few screen grabs and the full trailer.

A tender moment.

It's already got more Superman than the entirety of 'Smallville'.

This scene never gets old.

Kneel before.....you know the rest.