Tuesday, 18 June 2013

'The Rock' vs 'Drugs'

'Snitch' Review
Director- Ric Roman Waugh
Starring- Dwayne Johnson
Jon Bernthal
Susan Sarandon

This is a very special review for me. A couple  of days ago I received an e-mail that informed me that I was invited to a press screening of 'Snitch'. This was it  for me, I had actually been invited without any contests or contacts. I was  excited also  because I was going to see this film in a cinema I had never been to so there was a lot of new things happening. 

Right so the plot  of  the film is simple, a muscular man called John, Dwayne Johnson, owns a construction company. He's rich, has a loving family and everything is going pretty well. Skip to his son, Jason, who is talking about  drugs with his best friend, because that's what all teenagers do. The kid then gets stung by the D.E.A and gets put away for thirty plus years, so John figures out a slightly ridiculous way to get his estranged son off the hook. 

I imagine he's just happy he's not running from zombies.
After coming out of  this film I had a very experience, I honestly didn't know what  to think about this film. It tried to be tense and real, while being dramatic and foreboding. If I  could say there was anything that actually stood out in this film it was Jon Bernthal, Shane from 'The Walking Dead', who gave a very interesting performance. I found that when the rest of the scenes were going on I just cared about getting back to his character Daniel. 
His hair went to his chin.
I found very few of the characters in this film compelling, three dimensional or even interesting. The acting at times was not great, this was mainly due to some bog standard acting by the majority of the cast. There is  action but it  never drew me in, I was  never thrilled, I found it pedestrian. I never thought I'd use that word, but  there it is. Apart from that the camera angles were repetitive and unusual. Always giving close ups of eyes and then moving to an obscure angle in the scene. It got annoying and took away from the film, and the "villain" of the piece was so cliched it hurt to watch his scenes.

That beard...
Not great, and that's a true story.

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