Thursday, 20 June 2013

Getting into college has never been so....uncomfortable.

'Admission' Review
Director- Paul Weitz
Starring- Tina Fey
Paul Rudd
Nat Wolff

Yay, another romantic comedy with Tina Fey in a scenario where she has no real love life, has no children and has a well payed and respected job. I didn't know  anything about this film going in, I was meant to  go see 'Now you see me' but there were complications so instead of going out with my girlfriend to a club or maybe get a nice quiet drink and discuss 'The Wheel of Time' series since I recently finished the fifteen book saga I went to this  film, and here is my review.

We've never seen Tina Fey in this scenario before........
Portia Nathan, Tina Fey, loves her job as admissions officer, her ten year relationship with her boyfriend is just wonderful and soon she may be up for a big promotion. What more could a woman want, well it turns out a lot, within a few days of  each other she loses the boyfriend, who by the way is a terribly miscast Michael Sheen, and then finds out she has a son who is trying to get into Princeton, her college. Hilarity ensues.....

The Budget for the film wa not....high.
Is it Tina Fey, no. Is it Paul Rudd, no. Is it the interesting teen  actor who plays Tina Feys son? Yes, yes it  is. Nat Wolff is very engaging as young genius  Jeremiah Balakian, he comes off with a lovely charm and wit, which is only emphasized by the lack of charm that comes off of the rest of the  cast. 

Oh dear God there is so much wrong with this  film, let's start with the theme. It feels like a coming of age story for a forty year old woman mixed with a tacked on romantic comedy. There was no reason for  Tina Fey and Paul Rudds characters to get together in this film. I felt there was no spark  between the two, this really annoyed me, especially since these two  actors  have such  huge comedy chops. The supporting cast is filled with one dimensional characters who seemed to simply be there to fill the scene with background noise. Its not that its not funny, it's painfully unfunny. It pulls out every cliched trick, every awkward moment, every cringe worthy opportunity  to try and get a cheap laugh,  and then it  comes up with one of the most unrealistic endings to a film imaginable. 

It's like looking into an eerie mirror into the future.
I have never said this about a film, but I will say it now, I regretted seeing this film. 

The moral of the story is this, if Tina Fey didn't write it, it's going to be shit.

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