Saturday, 15 June 2013

'Week of Steel'.

The day was Wednesday, the date was the 7th of June. I  had been trying , with little success, to get to  the London Premiere of  'Man of Steel'. I even tried to get the Irish Premiere too, but my luck was failing. I had swore to everyone that I  would be there and that I would meet Henry Cavill. I had put in for multiple competitions, tried getting in contact with anyone who could help out but it just wasn't working out. Back to last week, I  was told about a competition on 98fm with Ray Foley for a meet and greet with Henry Cavill as well as getting to walk  the red carpet and seeing the  London Premiere. I entered on that  very day and boom, I was in the draw.

Whoever won out in the draw would then go to  London, so I  waited  until Friday morning, then Friday came and I listened in tentatively. Hours passed and there was a call, I recognized the number and answered before the second ring. I was put on hold and my heart was beating through my chest. I was put on with Ray and he explained that  I hadn't won, I was disappointed but in the back of my mind I knew. Then Ray laughed and explained  that I did win and he was just messing,  my  heart skipped a beat.

With that competition won the amount of  times I would see 'Man of Steel' came to a nice round number, three, so I dubbed this week, the 'Week of Steel'.
I stayed at a four star hotel, walked the red carpet and I met Henry Cavill.
He is a real genuine man, and when I handed him the gift that I  designed for  him to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of 'Superman' and to congratulate him on his success he was  genuinely taken aback. It made my day and my  life  up  until this  point. 

I will give my review on 'Man of Steel' soon,which will include photos and videos of the whole day and my thoughts and experiences of my 'Week of  Steel'. Until then though I'll give you all this  little picture from the day.
He was surprised to say the least.

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