Monday, 16 September 2013

'Blue Jasmine' press screening review.

'Blue Jasmine'

Director- Woody Allen
Starring- Alec Baldwin
Cate Blanchett
Bobby Cannavale

The good times.
Jasmine/ Janette  is an uptight, judgmental socialite who has "decided" to stay at her sister Ginger's after her wonderful marriage with her late husband Harold "Hal" Francis ends and she is left with nothing. As she tries to re-adjust to her new surroundings and attempts to find some semblance of a life we, the audience, are treated to her special brand of crazy.

The performances of each and every actor in this film is above and beyond. They are not so much characters as they are people.I found I empathized with each character as they worked through the many complicated issues in their lives. Cate Blanchett's performance as Jasmine is baffling, I never seen her such a role before. Every time I see her in a film I always think back to Galadriel, it is the film I have always associated her with since I was young. However, within five minutes of her anecdote about her first meeting with Hal I completely forgot about her connection to Galadriel and the entire 'The Lord of The Rings' anthology. She is an utterly unlikable person, from her attitude toward the men her sister dates, to the condescending attitude she has to all around her, there is nothing relatable to Jasmine whatsoever. The supporting cast is far more interesting and relatable, except for Hal who is the catalyst for this whole film. 

The bad times.
Like all Woody Allen films there is a certain air to the film that I just don't get, an awkwardness, but this may  be due to the subject matter of the film itself. In the beginning when we cut back to the past I found it a bit jarring and confusing, but I got used to it.

Most frightening part of this image, she is talking to her young nephews about life.
Woody Allen once again proves he understands the human condition, if only it didn't turn Galadriel into a anecdote babbling crack pot.
Rating; 8/10

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.