Monday, 9 September 2013

'Elysium' Film Review.


Director-Neil Blomkamp
Starring- Matt Damon
Jodie Foster
Sharlto Copley

This is a messed up  scene.
Another one of the films that I saw while I was over in America. I was curious whether Neil Blomkamp could knock it out of the park again with a sci-fi film that combined incredible action with wonderful and imaginative dialogue and characters. 

It is 2154, society has splintered into two groups of people. All the rich have moved to Elysium where everything is perfect, no disease,no pollution and no ugly people while everyone who is  stuck on Earth have all become labourers who are ruled by tyrannical androids. Enter Max De Costa( Matt Damon), a man with a mission, to get to Elysium even though it is hammered home numerous times there is no way to Elysium, especially when the evil Jessica Delacourt( Jodie Foster) is shooting people out of the sky over Elysium to ensure no one from Earth makes it to the shiny hallways of Elysium. 

Sharlto Copley  once again gives a stand out performance, his character Kruger is unstable, hilarious and at times pretty charming. There are some wonderful standout moments such as Max and Krugers showdown and every scene Kruger is in and that is it.

What happened to you Jodie Foster you used to  be cool.
This film is forgettable, the characters are two dimensional, their motivations, apart from Kruger's,  feel uninteresting and forced. Max is an incredibly underdeveloped  character, he is one of the least interesting protagonists I have ever encountered in cinema. Jessica Delacourt is an absolutely useless character, she just feels like a Disney villain on steroids, with her angular face and odd British/French accent. Then there is the plot  outline, the trailers were fairly  misleading. The film gives you the idea that this  "super" suit will allow Max to do anything,instead it gives him sub par superhuman strength and allows him to continue the story after a series of events need him to don it. There are so many things wrong with film and it is truly terrible because all I could think about during this film  was how much of a disappointing follow up to 'District 9' this was.
So much techno babble, political and sociological messages, these are all forgotten about when they see something shiny. 

Disappointing and forgettable.
Rating; 5/10

Why does Kruger use a sword when everyone uses futuristic weaponry?