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Cobie Smulders coming to 'Shield' series.

Maria Hill is hot.

Trumps Scarlett Johanssen every time.
As more and more rumours and news come out about the  new 'Shield' series I  get  increasingly excited. First there was the huge news that 'Phil "Son of Coul" Coulson' will be a main character and is some how resurrected after being skewered by 'Loki' . The many different theories include a Life Model Decoy, which means Coulson in 'Shield' will be an android. Others include a clone, that he'll be the 'Vision', which would be fantastic but Clark Gregg has stated that he doesn't want that role. We've been continually bombarded  with cast calls as well as various teased at arcs that  they may implement into the live action Marvel Universe. What  is great about the 'Shield' series is that  they can introduce characters and see how the audience likes them, then import the best into the 'Marvel Movie Universe'.

He's in New York, could just get in a fight with a  bunch of Shield agents

Could easily start off as a Shield  agent.

Echo would  be a great character to introduce.
Iron Fist could easily show  up
Its just not as a cool as a live action  Cobie Smulders.

Now  I  think we can all agree that 'Avengers' was fantastic but one of the unexpected treats was Cobie Smulders aka 'Maria Hill', in that catsuit. She was absolutely outstanding as  the femme fatale we all love to hate. If  anyone knows their Marvel Universe they know  how much of  a bitch Maria Hill is and how she  instigates a war within the Marvel Universe which fucks the status quo of the costumed heroes for a long time. If they ever implement this into the Marvel Movie Universe then they could really be on to something.This brings me nicely to my point and the subject  matter of this  post, with all the cast calls and  the fact that 'Nick Fury' will probably have quite a minimal role in 'Shield' a  lot of  fans hoped Maria Hill would lead the series. With all  the news coming through over the  past few months there was no news of Cobie Smulder gracing our small screens in that catsuit again. A lot of people gave it up to her dedication to 'How I met your Mother'. We all  wept, we wouldn't see Cobie  again until 'Captain America; Winter Soldier'.

Then, yesterday, January 26th 2013 we were all given a ray of hope. '' released an article that just made my day. I'll  give you a quick run down of the article then drop a link to the site. 
When asked about 'Shield'  and her future in the 'Marvel  Universe' Cobie explained that her dedication to 'How I met your Mother' did  not matter and that her schedules would not conflict.

 It is excellent news as Maria Hills inclusion in this series allows for a very interesting dynamic in the series. As we saw in the 'Avengers', Maria Hill does not mind letting her opinion be known and is often conflicted with the use of such eccentric characters, like 'Iron Man', 'Thor' and the 'Hulk'. She is a woman  in a world infested with super heroes, who hates super heroes. It'll be a great kind of subplot to see her grow increasingly paranoid about the escapades of the super humans in both the 'Shield' series and 'Marvel Movie Universe'. 

The irony of this conversation is not lost on me, and wouldn't  it be great to see  Cobie Smulders vs Hugh  Jackman.
This  is all just my opinion, my hopes and dreams but with 'Joss Whedon' once again behind a team based series, and a super hero team based series to boot, we could see a lot of the 'Marvel Universe'spill over onto our screens. My  final words are this, 'You won't take the Shield from me!'

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