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'The Walking Dead Game' review part four, it can't get worse, yet it will.

'The Walking Dead' Game  Episode #4 Review.

Dead and Lovin' it.
The fourth episode, the penultimate chapter in a fantastic game series. How could things possibly get worse for our intrepid group? If you, like me, have been completed invested in this game franchise you're both hoping and dreading for what's coming next.

This is heartbreaking, no joke.
Nothing new really, it's safe mechanics. Everything that we've learned from the previous outings is here. It's okay but I always hope  for something more going into these next episodes.

Episode number four starts right where we left off with Lee and the rest of our heroes. Shit stuff has happened to them, shit is happening as they enter this new area and shit will probably continue to happen to them as this episode gets going. As the series has gone on you've lost friends and this is kind of the episode where your ranks grow again. It reminds me of  something someone once told me about 'A Song Of Ice and Fire' and how, when a character dies and is then replaced in the narrative, they are not replaced with a character who is as equally engaging. There is one character who stands out in this episode but one is not  enough. The plot in this episode centres around a town that has taken on a harsh code of conduct to ensure they survive this brave new world. 

This episode was one of the weaker episodes, there was not anything shocking, yes there was a lot of  great points but it was all just to lead to the finale. This episode is the 'Iron Man 2' of  the series, it's all about getting to  'The  Avengers'. There is a truly shocking moment at the end which redeemed it  for me and it was superbly executed. 

Right, where to begin. As the series has gone on there have been technical hiccoughs and this episode is no exception. There are moments where the syncing of the voices is off and one or two scenes graphically just fell apart. It happened once or  twice, bad not too bad. The story-line is good  but that's it, just good. It sets up episode number five well but  as an episode it  is  a bit  all  over the  place. Some of the new characters don't get nearly enough of  a spotlight to showcase themselves and it  is a real shame.

That's right, at some stage in the game Naruto shows up.
Right this episode, well it was 'The Empire Strikes Back' of  the series, when it  was good it  was great but when things technically fell apart they fell hard. The main stay characters were given strong moments but the new characters take up too much time and with no real resolution with them you  just feel slightly cheated. Ninety per cent of this episode didn't need to happen, it's really the last ten per cent that has that bang. It is  however, a lot better than episode number three, so here is my rating;

Strong stuff that does get passed it's faults, hooray.

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