Friday, 11 January 2013

'The Walking Dead Game' review part deux(two).

'Thee Walking Dead' Game Episode #2 Review.

Dead, Dead and Dead.
Right so by now you have seen something that includes zombies in it. You may have  grown tired of them and just wish, enough, enough!? I just want some original stories that  involve interesting characters and maybe some blood. Well  let me tell you right now, episode number two of  'The Walking Dead' has exactly what you are looking for. 

It is hard to believe but they actually expanded on the game mechanics we were first introduced to in episode number one. One in particular new mechanic jumps out at me. It involves a bear trap, a teacher and a timer and it is a fantastic jumping off point.

What kind of  food survives a zombie apocalypse?
Not good  food.
Right so Lee and the rest of the survivors are living together in a kind of 'Real World' situation and it's been three months since the end of  episode one. Things are starting to get difficult until help comes along in the form of a family and their dairy farm. Things go  from bad to catastrophic and you are truly tested as a human being.

There are barely any zombies in this episode and I just found that fascinating. This episode is far more cerebral and there is such a moral tale being told throughout this entire episode that you really have to  ask yourself, what would you? 

Blue skies and good friends, the staple of any
'Animal Crossing'....wait this isn't 'Animal Crossing' 
There is a huge problem with this episode in the fact of the story-line. It is such an obvious move that when it happened I was like, "called it". If the series hadn't taken this route I would have been really impressed, but since they have done it so early I remember thinking they  better be a bit more original for the rest of  the series.

Yep, nothing like a good old fashioned barn chat.
When it all came to a head I realized, I had regrets,not because it was terrible but because I felt so invested in the story that when I made decisions that affected people in the game negatively, I wondered, could it have been different? This is the calibre of the game I have played and I am really pleased with this episode.
With that I give my rating;