Saturday, 12 January 2013

'The Walking Dead Game' review part three, just over halfway there.

'The Walking Dead' Game Episode #3 Review.

Legally Dead.
Here we are,  if  you're still here, it is probably ninety per cent for 'The Walking Dead',five per cent because you want another angle to make your decision about whether to buy this game and five per cent because I am just so pretty. 
Teeth, you never see a zombie without teeth.
Nothing is really added to the experience this time around. Game-play is honed and yes, there are a lot of interesting, repeated, mechanics that have been hidden within great cinematic's. There is a great moment early in the episode where gun-play is  involved and it is pretty bad-ass and it hasn't really come into the series up until this point.

The plot, now after last episodes screamingly obvious plot-line this episode came off as a huge breath  of fresh air. Things have gotten from bad to bat shit crazy very quickly, someone is stealing supplies and guess what? You have to find out who it is and then when you find out shit gets real. People get really pissed and that isn't even the main plot, it's the introductory story-line.Now that I think about the main story-line, it involves a train. An absolutely wonderful experience with a train.

The story-line, the characters, the emotion that is absolutely, heart-achingly destructive. If you have become emotionally invested in any of these characters you  will  cry at some point during this episode. There are two  real moments. One early on and another halfway through the episode and it is terrific. For a game to be able to evoke such emotion in player really proves that gaming can be as much an art as any other piece of media out there.

There is nothing new in this episode mechanics wise, it has honed some of  the mechanics of the episode but I don't feel that's enough. Now onto my major  gripe with this episode. It came back again, if you read my previous posts about the camera problem at times then you'll  be happy to hear, it's back. This time however, the glitch has evolved?! When you get to  the train part of the episode you will come to a point where you  walk through  a door, as you do so you fall off the train and the camera follows you. It happened so  many times to me and it  came off such an emotionally charged moment that I just got so angry. I had to restart  my PS3, which did revolve the issue but  I am really annoyed that  I had to do that.

Kenny, fix the glitch,  just fix it?!
Now, to the point of the blind date where it's over and you're deciding on a second date. If i'm being honest, I was upset about this game, I felt like things were not fully explained to me and there were  points where I felt that decisions that usually were mine to make were taken away for simple shock value. That glitch really got on my nerves. I rarely get annoyed playing games but this, this just got to me. If you don't get that glitch count yourself lucky. Here's the rating;

The plot  is outstanding, the execution, heinous.