Friday, 5 July 2013

Zombies!!! Zombies!! Zombies!....Zombies...

'World War Z' Film Review.
Director- Mark Foster
Starring- Brad Pitt
James Badge Dale 
Matthew Fox

Hey  there, are you looking for a world where zombies litter the  street? Where humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction in what seems like two to three hours. Where the survival of humanity rests on the shoulders of Brad Pitt, who is  given a very nondescript job history but rest assured is more than capable to tackle this world ending catastrophe....apparently.

Best  moment in the film and it's shown in every  trailer.......
Right, so stay at home dad, Brad Pitt,  Gerry Lane is having the usual day  that most men of his  station have. His children are asking question after question about his past  and why he  quit his job, after all they know next to nothing about him. Anyway, as the family are caught in rush hour traffic a series of unfortunate events lead to shear pandemonium on the streets of i'm guessing New York. With hordes of  people massacring the general populace Gerry decides that his family needs to  get out of  the city. Luckily he gets a call from the man in charge, no no the president, he's dead, a close friend who  through a whole series of deaths  has become the most important man in America basically. After a prolonged and tense journey through the city and its surrounding area, Gerry and his family are saved and brought to a save zone that the worlds governments, I'm guessing, have formed in the ocean on top of several carriers. Gerry is told that he  needs to find the cure for  this "zombie"  outbreak because if he doesn't his family will be kicked off the carrier, because they're useless. That is the honest reason, so with his nondescript history and his nondescript skills which give him the conveniently needed abilities to find this cure, Gerry sets out with a genius, some army lads and a very nice  plane.

The opening riot with the horde is  fantastic, the sense of disarray and chaos is completely fantastic. The destruction brought upon by  simple  human hands is  just phenomenal. It feels very much  like what  I imagine happened during the first  days of the '28 Days Later' film universe. There is some wonderful settings in the film, such  as Iran and where the finale of film takes place. It feels like a fully  fleshed out world that has been put through the grinder. There is also  a  wonderfully  diverse  cast who give very interesting performances. My personal favourite was Danielle Kertesz, who  gave a fantastic performance as Segen, an Israeli soldier who's role grows unexpectedly.

Out of the two of these characters
I really only empathized with one of them, it wasn't Brad Pitt.
Oh god here goes, where is  it stated that a U.N official has the skills to take on a horde of zombies, and has any kind of emotional armour to  protect himself  from seeing what he see's throughout his "adventure's". Gerry seems to  have an almost nonchalant attitude toward the destruction and mayhem he is seeing which isn't so much fascinating as it is annoying, I just wanted him to  react in a way that didn't involve a pout or some kind. The ending is just ridiculous, poorly  put together and comes out  of nowhere and though  I enjoy  where the final setting is, I  did  find it very reminiscent of '28 Days Later' and not  in the good way. The family are not needed at all, they are a terrible plot  device that are used to  ill effect and before anyone says anything I know all about the book, if they keep the family then they  should keep everything that makes the family interesting. Also why the hell do you cast Matthew Fox in a film unless you are going to use him to his full potential!! I'll tell you why, you stick to the source material, because you know what makes a great adaptation? Respect to  the  source!

The action, in my opinion, was underwhelming even at the height  of it all.
It's a good film, but  a lot of cliches, and a lot of issues with characterization stop it from being anything more than a throwaway hit.

It's a zombie movie that needed a little more bite.