Wednesday, 31 July 2013

47 Ronin.....and Keanu Reeves.

'47 Ronin' 

Release Date; 25.12.13

Starring; Keanu Reeves

Rinko Kikuchi
Tadanobu Asano

He's part  of the 47 Ronin, well not really.
As the year winds down and the summer comes to a close it's time for the films that couldn't contend with the heavy hitters. Here is '47 Ronin', a film which has been re-shot  multiple times. Keanu  Reeves has returned to the cinema screen and not just that, he's returned to the role of a dude who can do kung fu. To add a layer of depth to the character he  is portraying they have given him a new skill set, swordplay. 

I'm...I ...I actually have no words.
It's anyone's guess if  this will be decent, no  it's not be realistic this will have to do  something  really exceptional to prove itself different from all other generic martial arts films where there is a generic caucasian who is the chosen one. I have missed Keanu and I will go see this but I don't have high hopes. 

This...this is pretty decent.

This is just awkward...

To wrap it up here is the official  trailer, what do you think? '47 Ronin' Official Trailer and opinion

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