Thursday, 25 July 2013

'Monster's University' Review

'Monsters University'

Director- Dan Scanlon
Starring- Billy  Crystal
John Goodman 
Steve Buscemi

Hey guys, sorry it's been awhile. After San Diego Comic Con I had to go into a kind of hermit mode to truly take in all the mass amounts of information. Don't worry though I will bring you my own account of all that transpired down at San Diego. After all there was so much going on, from comics to cosplayers, television to trailers, and it blew everyone's collective minds. 

Adorable, absolutely adorable.
Back in the 80's, Mike Wazowski was a little dude who wanted nothing more than to be a "scarer" at Monsters Inc, remember that  film, it was superb, one of the greatest  films of my early life. Before he, and we, the audience, can get there he has got  to go to Monsters University. Fast-forward years later and a slightly bigger Mike Wazowski arrives at Monsters University. Wide eyed and enthusiastic, Mike feels that in his new environment he will flourish and reach his true potential, until James "Sulley" Sullivan arrives and shows off his impressive scaring skills. In true 80's cliched film form Sulley and Mike don't get along due to issues with each  others competing ego's. After both leads are kicked out of college, the story kicks off - cue cliched 80's college redemption film.

Hazing was unusual in Monsters University.
After a long hiatus from this fictional world, I was thrilled about getting back to this place with  these monsters, who in my opinion were never scary except when Sulley scared Boo. There is still a wonderful energy to this world. It hasn't diminished over the years and you have to give credit to the people from Pixar. They created a wonderfully layered world in Monsters Inc and now with Monsters University they have made the return journey seem effortless. I felt right at home watching Mike and  Sulley's friendship blossom from aggravated rivals to the buddy cops we all met back  in  2001. Some characters stand out, Art was my  particular favourite, and they liven up some of the less interesting scenes of  the film. 

The whole team, and Art. The real hero of the piece.
When there is so much love and adoration for a film like Monsters Inc. you worry whether you want a sequel to happen. It is always a problem when it comes to such wonderful films. Do you want a sequel? Is a sequel needed? Will the next film be in any way decent? In my opinion I think Monsters University was trying too  hard to recapture the lightning in a bottle they achieved with the original. This worked against them unfortunately since one of the major problems with Monsters University was both actors, John Goodman and Billy Crystal, have aged. Throughout the entire film I could hear a tiny little voice in my head saying how these were not  the voices of twenty year old's. When the film got going I realised the filmmakers had gone for the same 80's cliched college film plot as all college films do. This was utterly disappointing, with such beloved characters like these you should not give them such a lacklustre journey. My worse fear had come true within the first half of  the film and unfortunately the filmmakers only delivered some actually original scenes in the film. Toward the end I felt the canon of  Monsters Inc. was messed with and in my books continuity should never be messed with, yes I mean you Bryan Singer.

I opened the door, stepped back into a world I had left twelve years ago and for the most part, I enjoyed myself.

The short beforehand was the best part of the entire film, The Blue Umbrella, I wept a little.      

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