Saturday, 6 July 2013

A bunch of comedians against....the world?

'This is the End' Review.
Director- Seth Rogen/ Evan Goldberg
Starring- Seth Rogen
Jay Baruchel
James Franco
Craig  Robinson
Jonah Hill
Danny McBride

I have to say it  has not been a great year for  comedies, 'Admission' was absolutely terrible, 'The Hangover Part 3'' was disappointing and sickening at times, so I was really excited/worried about the idea that every comedian that we have come to love, join together for the end of the world. How  will this  film fair compared to  its peers, its really, really unfunny peers? Only time and the opinions of countless  numbers of cinema goers will tell, and  as we all know cinema goers will give their opinion, whether you want them to or not.

So creepy.
Jay Baruchel and  Seth Rogen have not  seen each other in months, they  miss each others company, as all best friends do, especially  when their friendship has become as strained as these two lads have  allowed  their  friendship  to become.  Anyway Jay and Seth spend a couple hours together playing games, getting high and other such merriment until Seth decides that they  need to head to James Franco's house warming party. At  this  party things are happening that  every fanboy of Hollywood would drool  over knowing. Such as Rhiana kicking Michael Cera's ass, Emma Watson being a little disturbing and Jason Segel hating on 'How  I Met Your  Mother'. As the night  wears on Jay feels very put out and leaves, with Seth reluctantly tagging along, it  is  at this point where the world ends, so Seth and Jay head back to  James' to fortify themselves in his house with the surviving house guests.

So many  big names, so  many little deaths.
The shear level of fun that is had in this  film is fantastic , clearly the whole cast is  having an absolute  ball sending up themselves. Jay,  Seth, Craig, Jonah, Danny and James are such a fun cast, they have a great chemistry with each other and it shines through. My  personal favourite is Craig Robinson, who  plays  such a smooth character that gives some  of the best  lines in the whole film. Some of the best  parts of  the film are at the beginning with all the celebrities, especially Michael Cera, who comes off as such an ass but  a love-able  ass and then there is  Emma Watson,  the crazy, axe wielding Emma Watson, who  is  just unforgettable. 

They're so cute together.
This film reminds me of a Ronseal ad, this is both the source of all its  great pro's but unfortunately also  the source of all its problems since "It does exactly what it says on the tin". A lot of the problems in this film happen when the actors  have nothing to do, between each ha ha scene there is very little dialogue that really interests. It some  times feels like the dialogue  is from a hybrid of 'Pineapple  Express' and 'Knocked Up'. The film is also a  bit  long, it does kind of  drag toward the end.

I love her,so much.
It's got problems,it's not  perfect but my God it's fun.

The final scene is just .....perfect.