Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Very Special Birthday.

Kal-El, Clark Kent, Superman.

He is a man of many names, of many identities. There is however one consistency about him, his dependence. You can have the dark brooding vigilante any time of the week, me, I will always go with Clark. His stories always intrigue me, whether he is outwitting  inter-dimensional imps to battling apocalyptic doomsday weapons. 

Clark Kent has always been a hero of mine, he is a God who chooses to live as a mortal. He could easily be an Olympian level athlete but he chooses for a simpler life. Some people say he became Clark Kent out of some sick joke. That 'Clark Kent' is his caricature of the human race, I don't see it that way. Yes "Clark" can be a fool but there is a wonderful sense of innocence and mercy to him. This is something that you would never see with any of the other superheroes. 'Clark/Superman' try to see the best in everyone, even in his rogues and he has some of the deadliest ones out their.

As a birthday wish to the 'Man of Steel', I am going to run down my five personal favourite moments in 'Superman' history that have personally touched me. I begin with number five.

5. When Clark met Bart.
In season 4 of the award winning 'Smallville', Clark began to notice that he wasn't alone in the world. There were other "people" out there, and when he met them they usually did not play nice. His first encounter was with a smart ass pick pocket named 'Bart Allen', someone who could pick pocket him, actually pick pocket Clark Kent. It was a revelation, it was hilarious, it was 'Impulse'. It was the beginning of a much larger universe for Clark, it was fantastic to see another 'DC' superhero translate into live action as well Bart had, and it wasn't the last we'd see of the scarlet speedster. 

4. The Suit makes the Man.
When the 'New 52' happened there were a lot of radical changes to the status quo of the 'DC' universe, the 'Justice League' no longer existed, so when 'Batman', and 'Green Lantern' headed to Metropolis to find 'The Superman', neither of them had any idea what they would find, and so Superman showed up blasting the two of them away and showcasing what can only be described as Kryptonian battle armour. Gone were the red trunks, which have been replaced by a sleek nano suit which reacts to Superman's DNA. How he came to this suit was as interesting as its design.

New duds, for a new 'Man of Steel'.
3. A 'Kryptonian' dog is a 'Kryptonian' man's best friend.
As I read 'Action Comics' over the past year I noticed something that really irked me. Where was 'Krypto' the super dog? We had teasing images of him on Krypton saving his family from 'Phantom Zone' criminals such as 'General Zod', since then nothing. Then a couple issues back Clark faced down a "Phantom" from the 'Phantom Zone' and he would have been trapped forever in that hell hole if it wasn't for the timely arrival of 'Krypto'. The hound once again put himself in harms way for his master and almost lost his life in the process. When all was said and done Krypto was safe and Clark finally had a living, breathing piece of home( 'Supergirl' doesn't count because lately she has been a bitch and don't even get me started on 'Superboy').

That's a good boy.
2. The Last Son and the Dark Knight.
This is one of the most defining moments of Superman's history, when he met his polar opposite, the vigilante that stalks the night of Metropolis' sister city, Gotham. When Superman met Batman, worlds collided and neither man was the same for it. There are many different iterations of when they met, my personal favourite would be the animated series. The episode 'World's Finest' is well written, with dialogue that pops and jaw-dropping action. It was exactly what a 'Superman/Batman' fan wanted out of a clash between these two titans.

You can't have the day without the night.
1. Dad
The saddest moment that impacted Clark and all his fans, was the moment that Johnathan Kent passed away. He left the world a legacy that will live on in comic history for a long time to come. His teachings on values and understanding made Clark Kent the man he is today, not only that but he has what can only be described as the greatest father/son relationship in most mediums. When he dies in 'Smallville' your heart will break along with Clark's, it doesn't matter how many times I see it, it always brings me to tears.

That is the reason why 'Superman' has survived for so long, because he has a heart, no disrespect to all the 'Walking Dead' comics or 'True Blood' novels but these are fads, fleeting moments in literature, they will never have what Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created 75 years ago, heart. 

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