Sunday, 21 April 2013

There's no Justice for WB cartoon.

This is but a fraction of the diverse cast.
Almost a year ago a new WB cartoon series premiered on television. This amazing cartoon series showcased a vast and interesting cast of characters that any comic fan would love to see come to life on-screen. What television series am I talking about? 'Young Justice', a television series based in a newly introduced DC universe. Universe 16.

It had fantastic writing, real emotionally driven characters who you really cared about. They delved into the deep history of the DC universe. From A-Z they showcased characters that had never graced our screens before, characters like 'Aqualad', a hero who was without a doubt one of the most interesting and multi-layered characters of the series. We also got Connor Kent,'Superboy', a hero that has graced the DC multi-verse for decades and has been a fan favourite for a very long time. It was this care to detail and love of the source material that really showed in each and every episode.

That's right, 'Static Shock' is there as well 'Beast Boy' and 'Blue Beetle'.
From 'Robins' irreverent wordplay to 'Kid Flashs' constant back and forth with both his allies and enemies there was definite care given to the dialogue. Which in my opinion was highly appreciated. 'Young Justice' was a series that did not spoon feed us, there was loss that truly hit home. We wept as we lost characters that we had grown to love. This was a series that finally knew what we wanted out of a comic book series, and unlike 'Avengers; Earths Mightiest Heroes' the animation was outstanding.
Three generations of 'The Flash', you get that nowhere else and that  is why it has to come back.
The action sequences were well put together and the plot, though it moved at times at a snails pace, was always top notch. The villains were fantastic and they never went for the obvious ones, 'Joker' was in one episode and he was ridiculous and over the top which was exactly what we wanted. 'Lex Luthor' was a semi-recurring villain while we were given deep and meaningful back-story's to villains like 'Sports Master', that's right 'Sports Master' and you know what, they somehow made him a credible villain who felt like a genuine threat. If you can do that to him, I mean what can't you do?

However there comes a time when studios and networks make decisions. They make gut wrenching, idiotic decisions based on the sales of a toy line, not based on the audience or popularity of the series itself. Cartoon Network decided that 'Young Justice' had run its course, two seasons was long enough for them and also they needed a new 'Batman' series because obviously he hasn't had enough exposure in the media, I mean sure he has had eight feature films, countless animated series and animated films and many more on the way but hey what is one more? We need innovation and more and more iterations of 'Batman' is going in the wrong direction. We need this series to return to our screens, it had the perfect balance of humour and drama, you cared for every character that graced the screen and the included every 'Robin' bar Damian, that's right, Jason is in it, granted he is dead but come on that is one of the defining features of his story.

 I hope you have enjoyed my little rant and I also hope that you have a look at this series, and please don't watch 'Beware the Batman'. Seriously that''s what it is called, I know I say don't watch it but do what you want, for all we know it could be decent.
No Robin, and it is in CGI......