Friday, 26 April 2013

'Man of Steel' Campaign.

The Fortress of Geek Campaign!

This is it, hours, days of work that culminates with this "campaign" I have begun. I am hoping that a combination of my fandom, my artistic skill and The 'Dark Ones' own luck, that I will get an interview with Henry Cavill, star of 'Immortals', 'The Tudors' and the upcoming spectacular, 'Man of Steel'.

Now as you all know, I've already begun the campaign, with teaser posters, my own little article about why 'Superman' has been so important to me for so long and I've been helping with various other events that are boosting the presence of 'Superman' around the net.

I hope that you enjoy this campaign design I have gone for, please spread the word if you have been affected by this in anyway, good, bad, whatever I hope you get in contact. I would love to collaborate with any and all other K-fans out there, so here is the campaign I have designed. Hope you like.

I went with this design because I toyed with the idea of no one knowing who this being was.
Very U.F.O  like if you know what I mean.

This one is basically a go between, I enjoyed the sunburnt

This one wasn't anything major, just a kind of blurred motion .

This one is kind of my favourite. I went with the God motif. He cannot be viewed by mortal eyes, he will burn you.

And then there was technicolour. I love it and I hope you K-fans out there too.