Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Double Feature continued...
'G.I Joe Retaliation'

Here it is, the second part of  my 'Double Feature', hope you relaxed during the intermission, hope you refreshed your  drinks, said hi to your friends and then got yourself back here. My next review concerns Danny Boyles next film, 'Trance'. We  have all seen this  man's work, it has broken boundaries, re-defined genre stereotypes and it has astounded millions in one night. To say  I was excited for this film would be an understatement.

Directed by: Danny Boyle
Starring: James McAvoy
Rosario Dawson
Vincent Cassel

Smooth criminal.
Danny Boyle has always pushed his audiences perception of what can be done through the medium of film. With '28 Days Later' Danny re-defined the zombie genre, breathing new life into a dead  franchise and simultaneously giving Cillian Murphy  his big break. With films like 'The Beach' and 'Slumdog  Millionaire' he showed us the many facets of humanity. It's dizzying highs and it's destructive lows. He has shown us the sun in all its destructive wonder with 'Sunshine' and he has demonstrated the  absolute depravity of man in 'Trainspotting'. Where would he take  us next?  

Lads, what are we lookin' at?
Don't worry I wouldn't deprive you of  the surprise of what  happens in this depraved and stylish jaunt through a human being. James McAvoys, Simon, is a charming character who through a series of events finds himself embroiled with Frank, Vincent Cassel, and his group of art thieves, he has helped them steal a valuable painting and unfortunately he has forgotten where he hid said painting, enter Elizabeth, Rosario  Dawson, to help Simon find his way.

Right, lads something is wrong with this picture.
James McAvoy has once again surprised me. With roles in 'X-Men: First Class' and 'Wanted' I worried that Hollywood had got its claws into James McAvoy  and turned him into your run of the mill pretty boy with a gun. This film proved to  me that  James McAvoy is one of the best actors I have seen in a long time. Simon is a fantastically layered individual, full of complexities and emotion that he is a treat to watch. His personal journey throughout the film is wonderfully plotted out. Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel do not allow themselves to be completely overshadowed though, Elizabeth and Frank are very interesting characters, each with great scenes which allow their  quirks to  really shine through. Th pacing is very well done, the score is superbly dark and moody and the structure of each scene is fantastic. 

Even the greatest of films has flaws, and this one is no different. 
Danny Boyle has unfortunately fallen into  a trap that most directors of his kind fall into. This film, though fantastic, is not as original as you  would hope from a  Danny  Boyle film. He has allowed for some cliches  to creep into his work, and I can't lie at one point it  did feel like a soap opera, a fantastically acted one, but a soap  opera none the less. 
Rosario Dawson really surprised me, for two reasons.
The simple fact is, regardless of what  I tell you about  this film you  will see it. That is Danny Boyle for you.

Rosario Dawson momentarily freaked me out, you'll understand when you watch the film.